Gifts for Free Women and Kajira at Sakinah Silks

Several people have said that I must blog about the free gifts offered by Sakinah Silks. I found a camisk, and this concealment styled outfit, at the Gor Hub location. To find Sakinah Silkds at the Hub go down to the map level then outside to the courtyard, both items are must haves.

Outfit: Free "Zakat Freebie" available at Sakinah Silks Gor Hub location.
Skin: Free “Delilah *Coco” group gift from BEBAE.
Eyes: Free “gold flakes - opal” just released new freebie available at Poetic Eyes.

Update: I just went to the newly opened flagship store and this item is available for free there as well.

BEBAE group gift Delilah skins

Join the BEBAE group and check past notices for a new Delilah skin in 5 different skin tones.

Get the whole look for 2L

Skin: Free “Delilah *Coco” group gift from BEBAE.
Eyes: Free “gold flakes - opal” just released new freebie available at Poetic Eyes.
Hair: Free “JUSTIN ~ RD III” group gift from kMADd Enterprise.
Outfit: Free “Panther Wear” available at Overt.
Bow: 2L “LR WEAPONS Bow of Corcyrus” available on the lower level of the boat at the docks of Corcyrus. Note there is also a sword available for 5L at the same location.

Thanks to Sabina for the tip on the Bebae skins.

Dutch Touch Skin Hunt

Dutch Touch is having a skin hunt, 5 skin tones of the Onyx Skin special purple edition. Subscribe in store, then click again to check the history, one of the notices has a map showing the locations of all 5 skin tones.

Get this look for 1L

Skin: Free “OnYx - Purple Special Ed. – SUNKISSED” available at Dutch Touch
Outfit: Free “Tattered Paga-Tavern Silks” available in Lucky Chair at Haven Designs
Eyes: Free “Evangeline Lilly” from the Lost avatar blogged previously.
Hair: 1L “Magika Anti Scissors – Brown” available at Savoir Hair.

I Got Charisma Baker Outfits

The main location of I Got Charisma has two free outfits, male and female.

Outfit: Free "Women’s Freebie Baker Dress" available at I Got Charisma.

Outfit: Free "Men’s Freebie Baker Tunic" available at I Got Charisma.

Thanks for the tip Persephone.

Tancred's Landing Trading Post

Tancred's Landing Trading Post has a few items available for free as a away items to the give back to the Gorean community to increase merchant roleplay.

Free - Slave Drawn Merchant Buckboard
Free - Black Rose Trading Post Merchant Counter

There are also several barrels of trade goods such as fish and nuts available for free. These goods have a scripted shelf life. At the end of the set period the object will de-rez, requiring ongoing roleplay to acquire more. Also available is the shelf life script itself to use in your own trade goods. Teleport to Tancred's Landing for more information.

Port Haifa Gorean Market

Port Haifa Gorean Market has a freebie of the week available just as you walk off the boat. If you continue through the market you find the warehouse where the retired freebies, including furniture and slave chores, are on sale for 10L.

Lounger with rug and cushions 10L at Port Haifa warehouse.

If you teleport upstairs at the warehouse there are three lucky chairs where you can win complete room set ups, including a complete Gorean Kitchen.

Also two camisks available on the wall for 1L.

Camisk - 1L "RubyRepclothCamisk" available at Port Haifa warehouse.

"Lost" Avatars at KA Designs

On the table at KA Designs you will see two free complete avatar kits called "Lost Special". Skin, Shape, Hair, Eyes, Lashes: Free “Evangeline Lilly Avatar” Kate available at KA Designs

Outfit: Free "Simple Silk White" available at Analise

Skin, Shape, Eyes: Free “Josh Holloway Avatar” Sawyer available at KA Designs note - not wearing the hair that was included

If it makes you uncomfortable wearing the complete avatar, personalize it by wearing the skin over your regular shape and add any hair of your choice.

Gorean Merchant Fair April 20 to 25

I was wandering around in search of more items to post when I saw this sign.

Each merchant has a hidden goody in their booth.
27 or more booths of Gorean Goods.

I didn't know about this, I didn't copy them, it's just a strange Gorean karmic oddity. I joined the group and the tag reads "loves gorean goods".

I've started to call myself Goody, you can not find me hiding in the booths, but you can get to the Gorean Merchant Fair here.

Camping at Fantasia

Fantasia Fantasy Clothier has a camping chair. Scroll through the vendor set up by the camping chair and chose from one of the many amazing outfits for men, women, kajira or panther girls then sit for 60 minutes. It goes by a lot faster than you might think, and dedicated inventory sorting time never hurt anyone. Here are just two of the outfits available.

Get this look for 1L
Outfit: 60 min camping "Duty-Brown" available at ~*Fantasia*~
Eyes: 1L "Decollage - Hazel Eyes" available at the Gnubie Store
Skin: Free "Eloh Eliot Mens Dark" available at Lapointe & Bastchild (free designs section)
Hair: Free "DAVID 2 ~ DB III" group gift from kMADd Enterprise

Get this look for Free.
Outfit: 60 min camping "Huntress-Brown" available at ~*Fantasia*~
Eyes: Free "Standard Eyes - Earth" available in demo pack at Miriel
Skin: Free “Mairmalade Pinky Pie” Group Gift from Domestic V (hint search groups for Domestic)
Hair: Free "Zen Blonde B" available in lucky chair Magika

::Honor Bound::

High quality men's outfit at ::Honor Bound:: for 1L in the box labelled kilt.

Outfit: 1L "Kilt" available at ::Honor Bound::
Hair: 1L "Virile – Caramel " available in discount section of ETD

Scarlet Letter A Hunt (RIPPED and Free Speerit)

There is a hunt going on right now called “The Scarlet Letter” you can read more details on their blog Few hunts have Gorean related items but I thought this one might.

Hunt dates April 18 - May 18. Go to the starting location and find the letter A, receive a gift and the LM to the next location. So far found piercings, latex, lingerie, and a few cages.

These two finds are noteworthy ;P
Skin: Free “Kimberly Cum” available at Free Speerit
Outfit: Free “Bondage” available at RIPPED

AO's and Other Essentials

AOs (animation overiders) are personal but they don't have to set you back as much as you think. Start with a free one, remove a few stands, add a favorite, and you have your own personalized AO.

Long Awkward Pose has the best free AO available in SL but are only for avatars under 30 days. Male and female version on the second floor.

Imperial Elegance has two female AOs with very natural stands. FW should try the "chubby" version so your hands don't disappear in your dress.

Free*Style outlet at BLUE BLOOD has a free male and female AO on the wall. Also another AO that includes 3 seperate notecards you can choose Girl, Boi, or Fresh. They also have a male and female version of the novelty AO called "COOOOOLD".

Sylva's Animations has a free male and female AO. These are loaded with quite a few stands and you might want to remove a few of the less natural ones.

BareRose freebie section has a box with two AOs in it, male and female lite.

Rockberry has a gift box on the table that includes a female AO.

Mystical Cookie Designs has a free reduced feature version of the MystiTool.

Minight Lotus has a free flacid, non-scripted epeener comes in 3 shades and is tintable.

Peasant Wear at + STONE KEEP +

+STONE KEEP+ has two free peasant outfits on the table inside the clothing building.

Get the whole look for 2L
Skin: 1L “Imagen Adan Preview” available at Freestyle Juicy Beach
Eyes: 1L “Decollage - Hazel Eyes” available at the Gnubie Store
Hair: Free “MARK ~ RD I” group gift kMADd Enterprise
Outfit: Free “Peasant clothes” including boots available at + STONE KEEP +

Get the whole look for Free
Skin: Free “Megan Dark Tan” available at Rockberry Lucky Chair
Hair: Free “Berri – golden” available at Truth
Eyes: Free “Mossy Rock” available at Miriel in Demo pack
Outfit: Free “Peasant dress” available at + STONE KEEP +

Diversity Sneak Peak Skins

Diversity is giving away a Sneak Peak of their upcoming skins. The pack includes 6 skins each with different skin tones and make up.

Get the whole look for 1L
Skin: Free “Inanna-Beach-Julianne” available at Diversity
Eyes: Free “Standard Eyes - Light Blue” available at Miriel in the Demo Pack
Hair: 1L “Melinda – Auburn” available at ETD in the discount section
Outfit: Free “In Tatters (brown)” available at Bina in the Lucky Chair

Get the whole look for 1L

Skin: Free “Inanna-Dark-Nenagh” available at Diversity
Eyes: Free “Standard Eyes - Earth” available at Miriel in the Demo Pack
Hair: 1L “Jess – Black” available upstairs at Diversity on the 1L wall
Outfit: Free “Golden Girl Green” available at Gutterpup in the Lucky Chair

Outfits at Asperiche

The Island of Asperiche has three boxes with free outfits as soon as you land on the boat.

Get the whole look for Free
Hair: Free “Scarlette by Ingenue” available at Savoir Hair

Skin: Free “Kimberly Aquamarine” available at Free Speerit (must be group member to buy)

Eyes: Free “Cape Shelley” available at Wild Lilies

Outfit: Free "Free Woman's Dress" available at Island of Asperiche

Veil: Free "Slutress FW veil brown" available at Bina

Get the whole look for Free
Hair: Free “Tesa by Analog Dog ” available at Savoir Hair
Skin: Free “(IS) Irene - Este – Humo” available at Imagen Main Store in Lucky Chair
Eyes: Free “Cape Shelley” available at Wild Lilies
Outfit: Free "Camisk" available at Island of Asperiche

Hair: Free "BERNARD ~ TB I" one of 25 hair styles available as a gift in the kMADd Enterprise group notice dated 04/15

Outfit: Free "Free Man's Tunic" available at Island of Asperiche

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