A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Hunt

This is a huge hunt with over 250 participating locations featuring clothing, accessories and furnishings that would be great for medieval or fantasy roleplay. It is going to take a while for me to finish this one so I wanted to give you a headstart and a teaser.

My favorite item so far are the male and female Drow skins from LoveCats
Drow Skin Male: MND2 hunt prize at LoveCats (shapes included but not shown)
Drow Ears: MND2 hunt prize at LoveCats
Drow Skin Female: MND2 hunt prize at Love Cats (shapes included but not shown)

Hair: "Dinah - platinum" free compliments of Bishwear at Savoir Hair (where all hair is free or 1L) Savoir Hair  http://slurl.com/secondlife/TenFifteen/108/40/27

The Midsummer Night's Dream 2 hunt runs from June 21st to July 28th and here is the website http://kastlerockhunts.blogspot.com/


I was inspired by the new group gift skin at Al Vulo and decided to try my hand at the Geekgasm Hunt. The items aren't Gorean but they are themed and could inspire a roleplay character. I've mixed and matched some of the items to show you as much as I could.  Click on the images to enlarge them for more detail.

Skin: Pollon snuggle milk group gift at Al Vulo

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Cthulu Braided Hair Black - Bad Juju
Princess Serenity Moon Face Tatoo - Doremi
D&D Player Handbook - Boof
Magic Gathering Mouth Card - Boof
Do It Like A Nerd Outfit - Beauty Killer
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
HeMan Tie - Argyle Anonymous
Geek Survival Pack - Cool Beans

It's a quick easy hunt with about 40 participating stores.  The starting location is Ello Poppet http://slurl.com/secondlife/Island%20Dreaming%203/151/54/25 See official blog for details and hints http://slgeekgasm.wordpress.com/

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Night Elf Skin, Shape and Ears - Posie / Ello Poppet
Stars n Hearts Glasses - Heartsick
Men's Tee - TGIS
(Tiramisu Hair in store subscribo gift at LoQ not part of the geekgasm hunt)

Nerdy Glasses and Bow Tie necklace - Pestle & Twig
Cthulu Braided Hair Black - Bad Juju
Shorts - Razorblade Jacket
Geek Chick Shirt - TGIS
Star Trek Communicator - Boof
Hair Bow - Boof
Nerd Sweater (waist) - Beatnick
Nintendo Kissy face tattoo - Doremi
Rubiks Cube Ring - Cracked Mirror

DNA Summer suit -The Sea Hole
Ultimate Geek Hat -The Mad Hattery
Cthulu Braided Hair Red - Bad Juju
Face Blood and Eye Pencil - Razorblade Jacket
Rubiks Cube Ring - Cracked Mirror
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
Pac-Man Ghost Mouthie - Indigo Oddities
Lunatic Lanyard - Yellow Berry

The truth is my inner geek lives just two floors up from my slave belly so this hunt was a lot of fun.

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Nerdy Chic Glasses - Pestle & Twig
Shorts and Socks - Razorblade Jacket
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
Gear Phone - DownDownDown
I <3 equation Shirt - Intrigue Co.
Gamegirl Device - Magnifique Poses
Gamergirl Beanbag - Magnifique Poses
Gelantinous Cube Poster - Boof

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  You better log in and get started - Geekgasm ends July 13th.

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Geek Ultra Nook with laptop, magazines and snacks - Tasty
Stripy Socks and Vulcan T-shirt - Indigo Oddities
Booty Shorts - Argyle Anonymous

Yasum Amacci Exile

I read about a sarong from Yasum on Chic at Phil's Place blog http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/ and I thought it would make a cute outfit for slaves.
Outfit: "Elfenground*Candy Bond*" in store group gift in blue and grey at Yasum http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fathom/185/84/27

 Yasum is very generous and you'll find many other group gifts and freebies around the store and sim.
Outfits - A sample of the in store group gifts at Yasum http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fathom/185/84/27
Click the photo to see a larger image.
  • Elfenground*Patched Bond*
  • Yasum*Candy Cutie*
  • Xylona*Spring Camisk*blue
  • Yasum*Cute Fire*
  • Elfenground*Sassy Rap*
I paired the outfits with the Kumiko hair which is a subscribo gift at Exile. The skin and eyes are in store group gifts at Amacci. Even if you don't play a slave, or roleplay at all, Yasum has gifts for you.
Outfit: "Yasum*Hawt Country Girl*" in store group also comes with male version at Yasum http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fathom/185/84/27

Hair: "Kumiko-Darksand" Subscribo gift at Exile (join and check history) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Covet/185/81/31

Skin: "Katie (Vanilla) - Group Gift Twirl" in store group gift at Amacci comes in 5 tones http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amacci/134/60/23

Eyes: "InSight ~ Infinity big Image Eyes" in store group gift at Amacci http://slurl.com/secondlife/Amacci/134/60/23
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