Delicious Bunny Love

The Your Inner Bunny Hunt has two wonderful skins that instantly made me think of roleplay characters.  Both skins are 1L.  You can read more about the Your Inner Bunny Hunt at

If you search for a group called "Please Make This In SL" and check notices you'll find this hair with color change hud courtesy of (love) hair.  The color change feather attachment is optional.

Skin:  "YIBH Ivory" You Inner Bunny Hunt Prize at Filthy 1L

Hair:  "native (banged)" with feather accessory Please Make This In SL group gift created by (love) Hair.

Outfit:  "Una Panther Brown" lucky chair prize at Delicious

Both outfits are from Delicious, a great store for anyone outfitting a new character.  In the back there is a freebie hut with over 20 outfits for slaves, panther girls and free women as well as previous group gifts.  There is also a Mini Mania and several lucky chairs in the various buildings so be sure to look around.

Skin: " Vero* tribal queen bronze" You Inner Bunny Hunt Prize at Al Vula 1L

Hair: "native (banged)" with feather accessory Please Make This In SL group gift created by (love) Hair.

Outfit: "Wanda June" group gift at Delicious


There is a lucky chair outside of KnickKnack that has themed clothing for men, women and slaves that would be great in a variety of themed sims. The great thing about outfits from KnickKnack is they are so versatile with multiple layers and wear options so you can customize for your character.
Hair: “ LILY:: Ash Blond” in store group gift at Heart Softens

Skin: “Lindsay Angel Gift Pale” Lucky Board at Mamboo Chic

Outfits: Lucky Chair at KnickKnack
[knickknack] Elsa washing wench dress – plum
[knickknack] Mechthild leather corset dress – green
[knickknack] Minna tunic dress - yellow

The Belleza Group has just sent out a new gift, the male skin called Jacob in multiple skin tones. There is a 250L fee to join the Belleza group but it’s one of the best deals out there. Not only do they send out male and female skin gifts regularly, but previous gifts are available in store. As a group member you can pick up the in store men’s group gift which includes the Ashton, Owen, Shawn, Thomas and the new Jacob skins.

Left: [knickknack] Marna slave kirtle - dark grey
Right: [knickknack] Maven tunic outfit – brown
KnickKnack Lucky Chair

Men’s Skin: “Jacob Medium” Group Gift at Belleza 250L fee to join

Men’s Hair: “AKAMI ~ Espresso” free gift by Kmadd at the Savoir Hair Location

LaVie Vigo

I want to try to do more posts for the guys.  Finding good themed gifts and deals is a bit harder for men than it is for women but there definitely are some good ones out there.  Vigo is always a favorite for roleplayers because of the quality and generosity.  The group LaVie reguarly offers free skins for both men and women.  There is a $300L fee to join but it's a good investment as it's less than the price of just one skin.  Exile has three male hair styles all in fatpacks of 40 colors.

Outfit 1: "Odysseus Brown" Lucky Chair in the square at Vigo
Outfit 2 "Jack brown" Mini Mania upstairs at Vigo
Skin: " Andre SE" in Store Group Gift at LaVie (note a $ 300L fee to join this group)

Hair: "Dane - Chocolate" free fat pack gift 40 colors at Exile

Creative Chaos D!va

There are 10 group gifts as well as freebies and dollarbies available at Creative Chaos that would be great for women playing in Medieval or  Fantasy themed sims. With a few minor adjustments or modesty shirts these could also work in some Gorean sims. 

Hair: "Ema Gold Forelock" color change ribbon Lucky board for group members D!va
Skin: "Julia_Gift" in store gift at Mamboo Chic
Outfit 1 "Cailin Brown" Midnight Mania at Creative Chaos
Outfit 2 "Elena Light Blue" Group Gift 07/11 at Creative Chaos

The hair in both posts are Lucky Board prizes at D!va. Be sure to be wearing your group tag. The skin is an in store group gift at Mamboo Chic.  You can also check my previous post for other examples of the generosity of Creative Chaos

Hair: "Chieko Forelock" color change ribbon Lucky board for group members D!va

Skin: "Julia_Gift" in store gift at Mamboo Chic

Outfit 1 "Rhea" dollarbie at Creative Chaos
Outfit 2 "Lea" Group Gift 08/11 at Creative Chaos

Magika Corset Lust Mamboo

I know there are many hunts going on right now but if you are looking for a fun easy one the Corset Lust Hunt has only 33 stores with ease to follow hints and great prizes for roleplay and for nights at home. The Corset Lust Hunt runs August 1st to 14th.

Magika is having a Clearance Sale at the back of the store until August 8th on all older styles. Fatpacks of all colors ranging from 29L to 99L. The skin in the photos is the lucky board prize at Mamboo Chic.

Hair: "Poof" 29L at Magika Clearance Sale

Skin: "Lindsay_Angel_GIFT_PALE" lucky board at Mamboo Chic

Outfits are all prizes in the Corset Lust Hunt. Starting point Junbug

Update:  New Starting Location is Whatz

Corset Lust Hunt participating vendors, prize previews and hints here

Heartsick Exile Shack

There are 9 lucky boards at Shack for group members with a variety of themed outfits to roleplay in Gorean, Medieval or Fantasy sims.  Exile has several free hair gifts in store for men and women that are perfect for new players to customize their look.  Heartsick is offering this skin as an instore group gift with multiple brow, clevage and freckle options as well as a tattoo layer for teeth. 

Skin, brow and teeth tattoos:  "HS Spirit Muse Starlet" in store group gift at Heartsick.
Hair:  "Kendra" a free 40 color fat pack at Exile.
Outfits:  "Pippi Pale Green", "Teralina Lamp Oil" and "Morgan Lime" just a few of the Lucky Board prizes at Shack.

Vigo Al Vulo

I sometimes forget to blog about Vigo because I think everyone must know about their generosity and incredible selection of clothing for roleplay.  In case there are some that might not, Vigo has four mini manias upstairs and several lucky chairs around the market. When I won the Keira outfit I thought it would work well with this month's group gift skin at Al Vulo.

Outfit and blue tattoos: "Keira White" Mini Mania at Vigo

Skin: "Orange Kuai Olive" in store Group Gift at Al Vulo

Hair: "You - Raven" free gift at Zero Style

Men's Midsummer Night

The Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt isn't just for women. Men you'll find themed gifts to enhance your roleplay as well.  Click the photo to enlarge.

Shape, Skin, Eyes, leaf tattoo: "Oberon" MND 1L hunt prize at ND/MD
Skin, Eyes, Tattoos, Wings, Hair: "Lord Oberon" MND 1L hunt prize at Pyewickets Myths and Mythos
Skin, Hair, Eyes and outfit: "Fantasy Shroom Avatar" MND 1L hunt prize at irrISIStible

A female version of each of these avatars is available as well.  A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Hunt ends July 28.  See blog for details.

Roawenwood Lucky Chairs

Roawenwood has recently updated the lucky chairs. I love this store but the letter G is unlucky on these chairs for me so it took a while for me to win these and be able to show you.
Outfit: "Tatyana Kirtle Purple" lucky chair at Roawenwood
Skin: "Hena III B" 1L Mother Goose's
Eyes: "Summer Breeze" gift at Poetic Colors
Hair: "ash ash" Analog Dog Freeball

I've included a few more finds from the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt which will be ending July 28th.
Outfit and Wings: "Faylinn" lucky chair at Roawenwood
Skin: "Petal - Olivia" gift at !Imabee
Eyes: "Summer Breeze" gift at Poetic Colors
Hair: "L002 SunnyBlond" lucky board at KMH
Color change ears and arm roses: MND2 Hunt gift at Southpaw 1L
Cloven Hoof Boots: MND2 Hunt gift at SR Leatherwerkx 1L

Analog Dog
Mother Goose's
Poetic Colors
KMH Mainstore
SR leatherwerkx

A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Hunt

This is a huge hunt with over 250 participating locations featuring clothing, accessories and furnishings that would be great for medieval or fantasy roleplay. It is going to take a while for me to finish this one so I wanted to give you a headstart and a teaser.

My favorite item so far are the male and female Drow skins from LoveCats
Drow Skin Male: MND2 hunt prize at LoveCats (shapes included but not shown)
Drow Ears: MND2 hunt prize at LoveCats
Drow Skin Female: MND2 hunt prize at Love Cats (shapes included but not shown)

Hair: "Dinah - platinum" free compliments of Bishwear at Savoir Hair (where all hair is free or 1L) Savoir Hair

The Midsummer Night's Dream 2 hunt runs from June 21st to July 28th and here is the website


I was inspired by the new group gift skin at Al Vulo and decided to try my hand at the Geekgasm Hunt. The items aren't Gorean but they are themed and could inspire a roleplay character. I've mixed and matched some of the items to show you as much as I could.  Click on the images to enlarge them for more detail.

Skin: Pollon snuggle milk group gift at Al Vulo

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Cthulu Braided Hair Black - Bad Juju
Princess Serenity Moon Face Tatoo - Doremi
D&D Player Handbook - Boof
Magic Gathering Mouth Card - Boof
Do It Like A Nerd Outfit - Beauty Killer
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
HeMan Tie - Argyle Anonymous
Geek Survival Pack - Cool Beans

It's a quick easy hunt with about 40 participating stores.  The starting location is Ello Poppet See official blog for details and hints

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Night Elf Skin, Shape and Ears - Posie / Ello Poppet
Stars n Hearts Glasses - Heartsick
Men's Tee - TGIS
(Tiramisu Hair in store subscribo gift at LoQ not part of the geekgasm hunt)

Nerdy Glasses and Bow Tie necklace - Pestle & Twig
Cthulu Braided Hair Black - Bad Juju
Shorts - Razorblade Jacket
Geek Chick Shirt - TGIS
Star Trek Communicator - Boof
Hair Bow - Boof
Nerd Sweater (waist) - Beatnick
Nintendo Kissy face tattoo - Doremi
Rubiks Cube Ring - Cracked Mirror

DNA Summer suit -The Sea Hole
Ultimate Geek Hat -The Mad Hattery
Cthulu Braided Hair Red - Bad Juju
Face Blood and Eye Pencil - Razorblade Jacket
Rubiks Cube Ring - Cracked Mirror
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
Pac-Man Ghost Mouthie - Indigo Oddities
Lunatic Lanyard - Yellow Berry

The truth is my inner geek lives just two floors up from my slave belly so this hunt was a lot of fun.

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Nerdy Chic Glasses - Pestle & Twig
Shorts and Socks - Razorblade Jacket
Turn Me On Eyes - Skinthesis
Gear Phone - DownDownDown
I <3 equation Shirt - Intrigue Co.
Gamegirl Device - Magnifique Poses
Gamergirl Beanbag - Magnifique Poses
Gelantinous Cube Poster - Boof

Now where was I?  Oh yes!  You better log in and get started - Geekgasm ends July 13th.

Geekgasm Hunt Items
Geek Ultra Nook with laptop, magazines and snacks - Tasty
Stripy Socks and Vulcan T-shirt - Indigo Oddities
Booty Shorts - Argyle Anonymous

Yasum Amacci Exile

I read about a sarong from Yasum on Chic at Phil's Place blog and I thought it would make a cute outfit for slaves.
Outfit: "Elfenground*Candy Bond*" in store group gift in blue and grey at Yasum

 Yasum is very generous and you'll find many other group gifts and freebies around the store and sim.
Outfits - A sample of the in store group gifts at Yasum
Click the photo to see a larger image.
  • Elfenground*Patched Bond*
  • Yasum*Candy Cutie*
  • Xylona*Spring Camisk*blue
  • Yasum*Cute Fire*
  • Elfenground*Sassy Rap*
I paired the outfits with the Kumiko hair which is a subscribo gift at Exile. The skin and eyes are in store group gifts at Amacci. Even if you don't play a slave, or roleplay at all, Yasum has gifts for you.
Outfit: "Yasum*Hawt Country Girl*" in store group also comes with male version at Yasum

Hair: "Kumiko-Darksand" Subscribo gift at Exile (join and check history)

Skin: "Katie (Vanilla) - Group Gift Twirl" in store group gift at Amacci comes in 5 tones

Eyes: "InSight ~ Infinity big Image Eyes" in store group gift at Amacci

Themed On Location

This was originally posted over a year ago but I'd like to revive it.

Roleplayers are such an interesting group of people. They love to talk about their characters and the places they play. I often get notecards or messages telling me about sales, group gifts, freebies and other items that might be suitable for roleplaying. I also run into a lot of people who give me landmarks and information about the places they play.

I’d like to expand this blog to include not only items to roleplay in Second life when you are on a budget, but also feature the places where you can play those characters. Unfortunately I’m not sure that I have the time to showcase all the various RP themes and sims out there so this is where I thought you could come in to help.

If you would like to have pictures of the places you roleplay and the characters you’ve created shown on this blog send me a notecard with the following details.

Avatar name: if you don’t want your name used please let me know and I'll withold it
Character name: if different than above
Pictures: A maximum of three images of your character in an SL roleplay sim
Character bio: A brief description of who your character is and what role they play
Roleplay Location: Include the sim name, SLURL, and a brief description of the theme of the roleplay (although there are hundreds of beautiful sims in Second Life, I’d like to focus on roleplay venues only)

What your character is wearing:
I know many people don’t want their unique look to be imitated but here is your chance to show others the hard work you put into creating your personal style and character. Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing including store name, store SLURL, and item name. Your character does not need to be wearing any free items, but if they are that would be a great bonus and in keeping with my goal of helping people roleplay on a budget.

Send the notecard entitled Themed On Location and pictures to GoreanGoodies Shuffle and I’ll put them up on this blog as soon as I can. This isn’t a contest, there is no prize. It’s just an opportunity to share a little about your roleplay, your sim, and your character with like minded people.

I hope you have fun with this. I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the amazing characters and places I’ve seen in my grid travels.


There are a few group gifts and four lucky boards at D!va for hair.  I combined them with outfits I won at Una & Luas and some skins that are currently available for free as well. 
Hair:  “Mai Topaz” 10000 member group gift at D!va includes many colors and scripted color change hair band.
Outfit:  “Luas Lady Mina Pink” Midnight Mania prize at Una & Luas
Skin:  “Spirit : Harmony : Truffles” lucky board prize at Heartsick.  Comes with cleavage and freckle options.  Shown here with the teeth tattoo layer that is included.

Hair:  “Yuria Garnet” lucky board prize at D!va includes option of one pony tail or two and scripted color change scarf.
Outfit:  “Zara Healer Noir” lucky board prize at Una & Luas
Skin:  “Elena Huntress sunkissed”  the “Where is…” hunt prize at Al Vulo

Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos is a generous store that’s ideal for anyone outfitting a new female character for Medieval, Fantasy, Steampunk or even Gorean roleplay. The new May group gift is available in store on the back wall along with still available previous group gifts.

Dress 1: “GroupGift 03/11 Althea - Easter Edition” free in store group gift at Creative Chaos
Dress 2: “GroupGift 05/11 Greta" NEW free in store group gift at Creative Chaos
Hair: “.:: KMH ::. Hair L002 GoldenBrown” lucky chair prize at KMH
Skin: “A*S Group Gift 11.15” in store group gift at Arata Shouten
Eyes: “.:A&M:. Human Eyes - Spring – Big” in store group gift at Acid and Mala (10L to join group)

Creative Chaos also has two Midnight Manias and a few gifts and dollarbies available in store.  Stop by and have a look, even the regular priced items are very affordable ranging from 39L to 99L for brand new releases.

Dress 1: “Nadia" free in at the landing point of Creative Chaos
Dress 2: “Rosalind Green” available in three colors free next to the MM boards at Creative Chaos
Hair: “.:: KMH ::. Hair L002 GoldenBrown” lucky chair prize at KMH
Skin: “A*S Group Gift 11.15” in store group gift at Arata Shouten
Eyes: “.:A&M:. Human Eyes - Spring – Big” in store group gift at Acid and Mala (10L to join group)

I discovered the Arata Shouten skin gift and the KHM lucky board hair while reading one of my favorite freebie blogs available on the sidebar if you want to follow it.

Una&Luas Al Vulo

There are three lucky boards and two Midnight Mania boards at Una&Luas.  The MM prizes are paired here with the in store group gift skin from Al Vulo.

Outfit: "Luas Lady Akane Brown" free Midnight Mania prize at Unas&Luas
Skin: "matilde bitter choco" wear group tag and click in store free gift at Al Vulo
Hair:  "Calantha - Raven"  lucky chair prize at Vixen

Outfit and Eyes: "Luas Savage Panther" free Midnight Mania prize at Unas&Luas
Skin: "matilde bitter choco" wear group tag and click in store free gift at Al Vulo
Hair:  "Lily Cayenne" free lucky chair prize at Vixen

Delicious Severed Garden Easter Cupcakes

Holidays on the grid mean two things; gifts and hunts.

Cupcakes is having an Easter Egg Hunt. There are 18 eggs hidden in and around the store containing gifts of dresses, lingerie and skins. Severed Garden and Delicious are both giving away Easter Camisks.

Skin: "Meadow - Cameo" free easter egg hunt gift at Cupcakes
Camisk and Legwarmers: "EASTER" free group gift at Severed Garden
Hair: "W&Y-Model-Hair-6" 1L WAKA and Yuki at Mimi's choice

Skin: "Meadow - Copper" free easter egg hunt gift at Cupcakes
Camisk and Basket: "Easter Camisk" free gift at Delicious
Hair: "Careless Whisper Dreamy Red" free Seasons Hunt Gift at Clawtooth look for a small bumblebee.

Gorean Information Center LaVie

I dropped by the Gorean Information Center a few weeks ago and received an IM letting me know that the freebie skybox had been updated to include items donated several designers, content created specifically for the GIC, as well as retired items from Vigo.

When you arrive at the Gorean Information Center, click the teleporter and chose “Freebie Area” to get to the skybox. Items range from free to 10L. In addition to clothing you can find weapons, animations, accessories and a wide range of notecards and information about Gor.  Here is a sample.

Join the LaVie Skins and Shapes group to receive this months free gift. The group is currently free to join but will be soon be charging a 300L fee so you want to get in now. Wearing your group tag, pay 1L to the month gift sign in store at LaVie to receive this tattoed Andre skin in two tones.

Skin: “Andre Biker Beard Normal” group gift 1L at LaVie Skins and Shapes
Outfit: “ViGo Gorean Kajirus Working Tunic” 10L at the Gorean Information Center

Fashion for Life

Cancer touches all of us in some way, right now I can imagine that you are thinking of someone who is a survivor or who survives in your memory. I am.

Every year I’m touched by the designers and builders, who endeavor to spend countless hours for causes in which are bigger then all of us; you change the world with your pixels. Thank you. G4B


@ Irving Penn, sponsored by LaPointe and Bastchild and built by Syngen Sohmers
Free Pants: Awesome Designs
1L Shirt: Haven Designs
Free Jewelry: artMEfashion
Free Ribbon: ~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~

@ Ansel Adams, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster
Free Lashes: Miamai


@ Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
Free Sunglasses: *+Crie Style+* Kabuki

@ Shulman, sponsored by :. WoE .: and built by Nigel Riel
Free Jewelry: ::Sn@tch::
1L Pants: Oblivious

@ Arbus, sponsored by Evie’s Closet and built by Dream Resistance
Free Fan: Solange! Fashions
1L Top: Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier

@ Bourke White, sponsored by [Elikatira] and built by Syngen Sohmers
15L Corset: Pixel Passion

@ Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
Free Earrings: EMO-tions

@ Ansel Adams, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster
Free Eye Makeup: Miamai

(Note: I mixed and matched a lot of the gifts and dollarbies. Many of the gifts include much, much more then I've shown here. More information @

Hunting Season

There are many hunts this month and a few would be great for roleplayers. I haven’t yet had a chance to get most of the items so I’m going to give just the basic details for now.

Hunt for RP March 1 – March 31, 2011

The name of this one got my attention. There are 73 participants and many of them gorean. See the blog for a list of merchants  There is no publicized list of hints and the prize locations will be changing.

Starting location but this hunt loops so you can pick it up at any of the locations.

Steam the Hunt March 1 – March 31, 2011

Usually one of my favorite hunts of the year for all the cool gadgets and accessories.

See the blog for details about the stores involved and preview of some of the items. Appears to be 193 participating locations at last count.

Starting location

Twisted Hunt March 1 – March 31, 2011

Great gifts for the more devious minded and darker characters, this years theme is Nevermore. It has historically been one of the most difficult hunts on the grid with 250 partipating locations. The prizes are moved around so hint lists and SLurls can be outdated.

See the blog for more information and prize previews.

If you compare the participants list there are some merchants listed in more than one of these hunts so you might be able to pick up multiple gifts while you are there. Be sure to read and click the signs at the locations, many will give hints and offer groups to join that can be not only helpful but fun to chat.
Good luck and Happy Hunting.

Mother Goose's LoQ Roawenwood (and a message about resize scripts)

It's well worth a trip to check out the 21 lucky boards for skins at Mother Goose's. Many of them would be great inspiration for a roleplay character in a variety of genres. The subscribomatic gift at LoQ is a hairstyle that is partially a hair tattoo; a first for me. The combination I put together might seem a bit fierce looking for silks and camisks but I liked the contrasting ideas in these characters.

Skin: "HENA(2)B0" lucky board at .::Mother Goose's::.
Hair: "Tiramisu Auburn and hairbase tattoo" subscribo gift at LoQ Hairs
Outfit: "Andromeda in Green" with long skirt and belt lucky chair at Roawenwood

Skin: "Oyat_LB" lucky board at .::Mother Goose's::.
Hair: "Tiramisu dark brown and hairbase tattoo" subscribo gift at LoQ Hairs
Outfit: "Andromeda in Green" with short skirt lucky chair at Roawenwood

Roawenwood is newly reopened with a whole new look. In celebration the lucky chair prizes have been changed.  After two days of trying I just couldn't win the mardi gras outfit but I have the two other prizes to show you. As one of the sponsors of the upcoming Twisted hunt, Roawenwood will be hosting a mini hunt within the hunt on March 1. Subscribe to Roawenwood and stay tuned for more details.

The scribish looking fellow on my shoulder was a tip sent to me inworld via notecard today.

Skin: "Choi_LB" lucky board at .::Mother Goose's::.
Hair: "Tiramisu jetblack and hairbase tattoo" subscribo gift at LoQ Hairs
Outfit: "Wrapped N Netted Green" lucky chair prize at Roawenwood
Shoulder Pet:  "DM FREEFRIENDS" a gift at The Dahu.

Skin: "Trudy_LB" lucky board at .::Mother Goose's::. ((this skin makes me think panther girl camo))
Hair: "Tiramisu platinum and hairbase tattoo" subscribo gift at LoQ Hairs
Outfit: "Wrapped N Netted Green" lucky chair prize at Roawenwood
Shoulder Pet:  "DM FREEFRIENDS" a gift at The Dahu.

I'd like to take a moment for a little personal aside. While waiting around the chairs at Roawenwood I saw this sign. As a roleplayer in various themed sims, lag can often ruin my night so it caught my eye.
I clicked on the sign and this came up in chat.

[20:35] GoreanGoodies Shuffle has 3 activ from 3 scripts attached using a total of 48 KiloBytes

Not too bad.  I am usually very careful about how many scripts I wear. I removed items and kept clicking and found out those scripts are from my AO. I had time to kill while waiting for the chair so I experimented with different AO's I have and got dramatically different results.

[20:38] GoreanGoodies Shuffle has 3 activ from 3 scripts attached using a total of 144 KiloBytes

Good information and well worth the time I invested. I think I'm going to rip out my anims and try to learn how to use the built in viewer AO, that might help.

I wish every roleplay sim had a sign like this. I think there are a lot of people out there who aren't aware of how many scripts they are wearing or the effect on not only their own experience but the experience of those around them. For example this person came over to the lucky chairs and also clicked the lag sign.

[21:38] (name removed) has 177 activ from 178 scripts attached using a total of 10 MegaBytes

If you are nervous about removing the scripts out of your item just make a copy first. Leave the original in your inventory, wear and resize or recolor the copy, then remove the script from it. Most scripted items now even provide an option right on the menu encouraging you to do so. From then on just wear the copy unless you need to resize or recolor again, then you have the original as a back up.

It's worth trying, it might improve your experience and even if it doesn't help it can't hurt. You probably can't do anything about your scripted meters or weapons, but you might be surprised to learn how taxing titlers, huds, radars and those green text converter things can be. This is why I am a big fan of the display name feature, it has greatly reduced the need for many of those.

If you don't have one of these signs near you there are other ways to find your script count. In the Phoenix viewer just right click on your avie and choose S.Count. There might be similar abilities in other viewers but I don't know what they are off the top of my head.

If you are a sim owner and are reading this blog I'd like to say I think these signs are a great idea. Many of the people I saw in the time I was chair stalking clicked and it generated some interesting conversations about the subject of lag and scripts and generated some useful information for many.

May's Soul Magika Pinkinnik AND Torvalds Forge

I haven't been in a blogging mood lately. I think I'm in awe of all the great blogs I'm discovering on the SL Gorean Community feed Then I came across this hair gift at Magika and it just screamed Gorean at me so here we go.

Hair: "Heart // Nayla" subscribo to join then click the poster at Magika

Skin: "Vanessa freebie 3" lucky board at [PINKINNIK]

Outfit: "Emma outlaw blue" Midnight Mania at May's Soul includes boots and multiple wear options

Why is she crying? Well haven't you heard? On March 1st Torvalds Forge will be closing it's doors.

If somehow you missed the signs, they are having a 50% off closing out sale. You have one week to stock up on furniture, chores, roleplay props, clothing for slaves, men and women, particularly those of Torvaldsland but many items are easily transferred to Medieval or Fantasy themes as well.

UPDATE:  Torvalds Forge is now hosting a mini hunt.  Eight boxes to find around the sim containing many of the playful freebies that we've enjoyed from this pair over the last two years.  Get them before March 1.

Thank you Jericho and Jona for your contributions to the roleplay community. I wish you well.

Visit Torvalds Forge while you still can.
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