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The Your Inner Bunny Hunt has two wonderful skins that instantly made me think of roleplay characters.  Both skins are 1L.  You can read more about the Your Inner Bunny Hunt at

If you search for a group called "Please Make This In SL" and check notices you'll find this hair with color change hud courtesy of (love) hair.  The color change feather attachment is optional.

Skin:  "YIBH Ivory" You Inner Bunny Hunt Prize at Filthy 1L

Hair:  "native (banged)" with feather accessory Please Make This In SL group gift created by (love) Hair.

Outfit:  "Una Panther Brown" lucky chair prize at Delicious

Both outfits are from Delicious, a great store for anyone outfitting a new character.  In the back there is a freebie hut with over 20 outfits for slaves, panther girls and free women as well as previous group gifts.  There is also a Mini Mania and several lucky chairs in the various buildings so be sure to look around.

Skin: " Vero* tribal queen bronze" You Inner Bunny Hunt Prize at Al Vula 1L

Hair: "native (banged)" with feather accessory Please Make This In SL group gift created by (love) Hair.

Outfit: "Wanda June" group gift at Delicious


There is a lucky chair outside of KnickKnack that has themed clothing for men, women and slaves that would be great in a variety of themed sims. The great thing about outfits from KnickKnack is they are so versatile with multiple layers and wear options so you can customize for your character.
Hair: “ LILY:: Ash Blond” in store group gift at Heart Softens

Skin: “Lindsay Angel Gift Pale” Lucky Board at Mamboo Chic

Outfits: Lucky Chair at KnickKnack
[knickknack] Elsa washing wench dress – plum
[knickknack] Mechthild leather corset dress – green
[knickknack] Minna tunic dress - yellow

The Belleza Group has just sent out a new gift, the male skin called Jacob in multiple skin tones. There is a 250L fee to join the Belleza group but it’s one of the best deals out there. Not only do they send out male and female skin gifts regularly, but previous gifts are available in store. As a group member you can pick up the in store men’s group gift which includes the Ashton, Owen, Shawn, Thomas and the new Jacob skins.

Left: [knickknack] Marna slave kirtle - dark grey
Right: [knickknack] Maven tunic outfit – brown
KnickKnack Lucky Chair

Men’s Skin: “Jacob Medium” Group Gift at Belleza 250L fee to join

Men’s Hair: “AKAMI ~ Espresso” free gift by Kmadd at the Savoir Hair Location

LaVie Vigo

I want to try to do more posts for the guys.  Finding good themed gifts and deals is a bit harder for men than it is for women but there definitely are some good ones out there.  Vigo is always a favorite for roleplayers because of the quality and generosity.  The group LaVie reguarly offers free skins for both men and women.  There is a $300L fee to join but it's a good investment as it's less than the price of just one skin.  Exile has three male hair styles all in fatpacks of 40 colors.

Outfit 1: "Odysseus Brown" Lucky Chair in the square at Vigo
Outfit 2 "Jack brown" Mini Mania upstairs at Vigo
Skin: " Andre SE" in Store Group Gift at LaVie (note a $ 300L fee to join this group)

Hair: "Dane - Chocolate" free fat pack gift 40 colors at Exile

Creative Chaos D!va

There are 10 group gifts as well as freebies and dollarbies available at Creative Chaos that would be great for women playing in Medieval or  Fantasy themed sims. With a few minor adjustments or modesty shirts these could also work in some Gorean sims. 

Hair: "Ema Gold Forelock" color change ribbon Lucky board for group members D!va
Skin: "Julia_Gift" in store gift at Mamboo Chic
Outfit 1 "Cailin Brown" Midnight Mania at Creative Chaos
Outfit 2 "Elena Light Blue" Group Gift 07/11 at Creative Chaos

The hair in both posts are Lucky Board prizes at D!va. Be sure to be wearing your group tag. The skin is an in store group gift at Mamboo Chic.  You can also check my previous post for other examples of the generosity of Creative Chaos

Hair: "Chieko Forelock" color change ribbon Lucky board for group members D!va

Skin: "Julia_Gift" in store gift at Mamboo Chic

Outfit 1 "Rhea" dollarbie at Creative Chaos
Outfit 2 "Lea" Group Gift 08/11 at Creative Chaos

Magika Corset Lust Mamboo

I know there are many hunts going on right now but if you are looking for a fun easy one the Corset Lust Hunt has only 33 stores with ease to follow hints and great prizes for roleplay and for nights at home. The Corset Lust Hunt runs August 1st to 14th.

Magika is having a Clearance Sale at the back of the store until August 8th on all older styles. Fatpacks of all colors ranging from 29L to 99L. The skin in the photos is the lucky board prize at Mamboo Chic.

Hair: "Poof" 29L at Magika Clearance Sale

Skin: "Lindsay_Angel_GIFT_PALE" lucky board at Mamboo Chic

Outfits are all prizes in the Corset Lust Hunt. Starting point Junbug

Update:  New Starting Location is Whatz

Corset Lust Hunt participating vendors, prize previews and hints here

Heartsick Exile Shack

There are 9 lucky boards at Shack for group members with a variety of themed outfits to roleplay in Gorean, Medieval or Fantasy sims.  Exile has several free hair gifts in store for men and women that are perfect for new players to customize their look.  Heartsick is offering this skin as an instore group gift with multiple brow, clevage and freckle options as well as a tattoo layer for teeth. 

Skin, brow and teeth tattoos:  "HS Spirit Muse Starlet" in store group gift at Heartsick.
Hair:  "Kendra" a free 40 color fat pack at Exile.
Outfits:  "Pippi Pale Green", "Teralina Lamp Oil" and "Morgan Lime" just a few of the Lucky Board prizes at Shack.

Vigo Al Vulo

I sometimes forget to blog about Vigo because I think everyone must know about their generosity and incredible selection of clothing for roleplay.  In case there are some that might not, Vigo has four mini manias upstairs and several lucky chairs around the market. When I won the Keira outfit I thought it would work well with this month's group gift skin at Al Vulo.

Outfit and blue tattoos: "Keira White" Mini Mania at Vigo

Skin: "Orange Kuai Olive" in store Group Gift at Al Vulo

Hair: "You - Raven" free gift at Zero Style

Men's Midsummer Night

The Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt isn't just for women. Men you'll find themed gifts to enhance your roleplay as well.  Click the photo to enlarge.

Shape, Skin, Eyes, leaf tattoo: "Oberon" MND 1L hunt prize at ND/MD
Skin, Eyes, Tattoos, Wings, Hair: "Lord Oberon" MND 1L hunt prize at Pyewickets Myths and Mythos
Skin, Hair, Eyes and outfit: "Fantasy Shroom Avatar" MND 1L hunt prize at irrISIStible

A female version of each of these avatars is available as well.  A Midsummer Night's Dream 2 Hunt ends July 28.  See blog for details.

Roawenwood Lucky Chairs

Roawenwood has recently updated the lucky chairs. I love this store but the letter G is unlucky on these chairs for me so it took a while for me to win these and be able to show you.
Outfit: "Tatyana Kirtle Purple" lucky chair at Roawenwood
Skin: "Hena III B" 1L Mother Goose's
Eyes: "Summer Breeze" gift at Poetic Colors
Hair: "ash ash" Analog Dog Freeball

I've included a few more finds from the Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt which will be ending July 28th.
Outfit and Wings: "Faylinn" lucky chair at Roawenwood
Skin: "Petal - Olivia" gift at !Imabee
Eyes: "Summer Breeze" gift at Poetic Colors
Hair: "L002 SunnyBlond" lucky board at KMH
Color change ears and arm roses: MND2 Hunt gift at Southpaw 1L
Cloven Hoof Boots: MND2 Hunt gift at SR Leatherwerkx 1L

Analog Dog
Mother Goose's
Poetic Colors
KMH Mainstore
SR leatherwerkx
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