Gorean Information Center LaVie

I dropped by the Gorean Information Center a few weeks ago and received an IM letting me know that the freebie skybox had been updated to include items donated several designers, content created specifically for the GIC, as well as retired items from Vigo.

When you arrive at the Gorean Information Center, click the teleporter and chose “Freebie Area” to get to the skybox. Items range from free to 10L. In addition to clothing you can find weapons, animations, accessories and a wide range of notecards and information about Gor.  Here is a sample.

Join the LaVie Skins and Shapes group to receive this months free gift. The group is currently free to join but will be soon be charging a 300L fee so you want to get in now. Wearing your group tag, pay 1L to the month gift sign in store at LaVie to receive this tattoed Andre skin in two tones.

Skin: “Andre Biker Beard Normal” group gift 1L at LaVie Skins and Shapes
Outfit: “ViGo Gorean Kajirus Working Tunic” 10L at the Gorean Information Center

Fashion for Life

Cancer touches all of us in some way, right now I can imagine that you are thinking of someone who is a survivor or who survives in your memory. I am.

Every year I’m touched by the designers and builders, who endeavor to spend countless hours for causes in which are bigger then all of us; you change the world with your pixels. Thank you. G4B


@ Irving Penn, sponsored by LaPointe and Bastchild and built by Syngen Sohmers
Free Pants: Awesome Designs
1L Shirt: Haven Designs
Free Jewelry: artMEfashion
Free Ribbon: ~*~Felicia’s Fashions~*~

@ Ansel Adams, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster
Free Lashes: Miamai


@ Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
Free Sunglasses: *+Crie Style+* Kabuki

@ Shulman, sponsored by :. WoE .: and built by Nigel Riel
Free Jewelry: ::Sn@tch::
1L Pants: Oblivious

@ Arbus, sponsored by Evie’s Closet and built by Dream Resistance
Free Fan: Solange! Fashions
1L Top: Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier

@ Bourke White, sponsored by [Elikatira] and built by Syngen Sohmers
15L Corset: Pixel Passion

@ Stieglitz, sponsored by House of RFyre and built by Grace Loudon
Free Earrings: EMO-tions

@ Ansel Adams, sponsored by Designing Nicky Ree and built by Frederick Lancaster
Free Eye Makeup: Miamai

(Note: I mixed and matched a lot of the gifts and dollarbies. Many of the gifts include much, much more then I've shown here. More information @ http://fashionforlifesl.com/)

Hunting Season

There are many hunts this month and a few would be great for roleplayers. I haven’t yet had a chance to get most of the items so I’m going to give just the basic details for now.

Hunt for RP March 1 – March 31, 2011

The name of this one got my attention. There are 73 participants and many of them gorean. See the blog for a list of merchants http://huntforrp.blogspot.com/  There is no publicized list of hints and the prize locations will be changing.

Starting location http://slurl.com/secondlife/Brooklyns%20Finest/13/15/601 but this hunt loops so you can pick it up at any of the locations.

Steam the Hunt March 1 – March 31, 2011

Usually one of my favorite hunts of the year for all the cool gadgets and accessories.

See the blog http://steamthehunt.blogspot.com/ for details about the stores involved and preview of some of the items. Appears to be 193 participating locations at last count.

Starting location http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Doyle/79/72/26

Twisted Hunt March 1 – March 31, 2011

Great gifts for the more devious minded and darker characters, this years theme is Nevermore. It has historically been one of the most difficult hunts on the grid with 250 partipating locations. The prizes are moved around so hint lists and SLurls can be outdated.

See the blog http://twistedhunt.com/ for more information and prize previews.

If you compare the participants list there are some merchants listed in more than one of these hunts so you might be able to pick up multiple gifts while you are there. Be sure to read and click the signs at the locations, many will give hints and offer groups to join that can be not only helpful but fun to chat.
Good luck and Happy Hunting.
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