Themed On Location

This was originally posted over a year ago but I'd like to revive it.

Roleplayers are such an interesting group of people. They love to talk about their characters and the places they play. I often get notecards or messages telling me about sales, group gifts, freebies and other items that might be suitable for roleplaying. I also run into a lot of people who give me landmarks and information about the places they play.

I’d like to expand this blog to include not only items to roleplay in Second life when you are on a budget, but also feature the places where you can play those characters. Unfortunately I’m not sure that I have the time to showcase all the various RP themes and sims out there so this is where I thought you could come in to help.

If you would like to have pictures of the places you roleplay and the characters you’ve created shown on this blog send me a notecard with the following details.

Avatar name: if you don’t want your name used please let me know and I'll withold it
Character name: if different than above
Pictures: A maximum of three images of your character in an SL roleplay sim
Character bio: A brief description of who your character is and what role they play
Roleplay Location: Include the sim name, SLURL, and a brief description of the theme of the roleplay (although there are hundreds of beautiful sims in Second Life, I’d like to focus on roleplay venues only)

What your character is wearing:
I know many people don’t want their unique look to be imitated but here is your chance to show others the hard work you put into creating your personal style and character. Please include as much information as you are comfortable sharing including store name, store SLURL, and item name. Your character does not need to be wearing any free items, but if they are that would be a great bonus and in keeping with my goal of helping people roleplay on a budget.

Send the notecard entitled Themed On Location and pictures to GoreanGoodies Shuffle and I’ll put them up on this blog as soon as I can. This isn’t a contest, there is no prize. It’s just an opportunity to share a little about your roleplay, your sim, and your character with like minded people.

I hope you have fun with this. I’m looking forward to showcasing some of the amazing characters and places I’ve seen in my grid travels.


There are a few group gifts and four lucky boards at D!va for hair.  I combined them with outfits I won at Una & Luas and some skins that are currently available for free as well. 
Hair:  “Mai Topaz” 10000 member group gift at D!va includes many colors and scripted color change hair band.
Outfit:  “Luas Lady Mina Pink” Midnight Mania prize at Una & Luas
Skin:  “Spirit : Harmony : Truffles” lucky board prize at Heartsick.  Comes with cleavage and freckle options.  Shown here with the teeth tattoo layer that is included.

Hair:  “Yuria Garnet” lucky board prize at D!va includes option of one pony tail or two and scripted color change scarf.
Outfit:  “Zara Healer Noir” lucky board prize at Una & Luas
Skin:  “Elena Huntress sunkissed”  the “Where is…” hunt prize at Al Vulo
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