Heartsick Exile Shack

There are 9 lucky boards at Shack for group members with a variety of themed outfits to roleplay in Gorean, Medieval or Fantasy sims.  Exile has several free hair gifts in store for men and women that are perfect for new players to customize their look.  Heartsick is offering this skin as an instore group gift with multiple brow, clevage and freckle options as well as a tattoo layer for teeth. 

Skin, brow and teeth tattoos:  "HS Spirit Muse Starlet" in store group gift at Heartsick.
Hair:  "Kendra" a free 40 color fat pack at Exile.
Outfits:  "Pippi Pale Green", "Teralina Lamp Oil" and "Morgan Lime" just a few of the Lucky Board prizes at Shack.


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