There is a lucky chair outside of KnickKnack that has themed clothing for men, women and slaves that would be great in a variety of themed sims. The great thing about outfits from KnickKnack is they are so versatile with multiple layers and wear options so you can customize for your character.
Hair: “ LILY:: Ash Blond” in store group gift at Heart Softens

Skin: “Lindsay Angel Gift Pale” Lucky Board at Mamboo Chic

Outfits: Lucky Chair at KnickKnack
[knickknack] Elsa washing wench dress – plum
[knickknack] Mechthild leather corset dress – green
[knickknack] Minna tunic dress - yellow

The Belleza Group has just sent out a new gift, the male skin called Jacob in multiple skin tones. There is a 250L fee to join the Belleza group but it’s one of the best deals out there. Not only do they send out male and female skin gifts regularly, but previous gifts are available in store. As a group member you can pick up the in store men’s group gift which includes the Ashton, Owen, Shawn, Thomas and the new Jacob skins.

Left: [knickknack] Marna slave kirtle - dark grey
Right: [knickknack] Maven tunic outfit – brown
KnickKnack Lucky Chair

Men’s Skin: “Jacob Medium” Group Gift at Belleza 250L fee to join

Men’s Hair: “AKAMI ~ Espresso” free gift by Kmadd at the Savoir Hair Location


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